I do a real shit job with taking care of emotions properly.

Though I think recognizing that is a huge step in itself.



everyones getting in relationships and I can’t even find my other sock



My brain has been drained and empty all day. Gonna go read old journal entries and take a bath and try to feel some things out.

I’m back ‘cuz I’m back to feeling alone.
writing is now the sole peace I know
silence is deafening, silence is golden
silence is what makes bad thoughts embolden
silence is deafening, silence is golden
silent made my bad thoughts frozen
my mind is numb, my heart is ice
I’m tired of stopping all of the fights
my head, my heart, my hands, my will,
all four different directions walking until
the end has no end, the end has no end,
I keep thinking I’ve stopped the war,but the end has no end
no break between battles, one starts before one’s won
my head, my heart, my hands, my will
All with their artillery, all with their skills
my head is a captive to my will’s nonchalance
my heart is has long lost what my hands have since found
If I give up the battle, I give up the war. 
But the end has no end, the end has no end.
I’m back ‘cuz I’m back to feeling alone. 
writing is now the sole peace I know. 


Pallas Athene Fountain photographed by Rafal Bigda

Located in front of the Austrian Parliament in Vienna. The four figures lying at the foot of Athena are representations of the four rivers of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

I’ve been searching the world for the perfect man to fall in love with

much like test driving all the fancy cars

only to find out that I’ve fallen in love with the test driving itself.

I don’t have to commit to a fancy car, and therefore don’t have to be responsible for taking car of the car,

yet I can have all of the cars.

"What are you, 21, 22? What do women in their early twenties do? They have sex! They have fun. They goof around just as much as men do. “

Am I leading someone on when I’ve explicitly told them my intentions?

I feel sick to my stomach

I hate it when emotions have a sort of physical effect on me.

You can’t live with the world on your shoulders.

Remember how far you’ve come 
from the start till the end. 

Depend on Me.

My Dream Last Night

It was eerie how metaphorically accurate it was.

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